How to become a partner

It is a declared aim of the Eracobuild to broaden its geographical scope and to incorporate new parterns from related European organisations. However, potentitial partners have to fulfil certain preconditions to be eligible for this network Eracobuild has to respect the following strict rules for participation in ERA-Net projects, which are required by the European Commission.

Eligible partners for ERA-NET actions are:

1. Programme owners: typically national ministries/regional authorities responsible for defining, financing or managing research programmes carried out at national or regional level.

2. Programme ‘managers’ (such as research councils or funding agencies) or other national or regional organisations that implement research programmes under the supervision of the programme owners.

3. Programme owners (typically national ministries/regional authorities) which do not have a running or fully fledged research programme at the moment of submitting an ERA-NET proposal, but which are planning, and have committed, to set up such a programme, are also eligible if their participation is well justified and adds value to the overall programme coordination. As such, countries or regions which have less diverse research programmes (in particular new Member States and candidate associated countries) will find their involvement in the ERA-NET scheme greatly facilitated.

Please note that research organisations or universities which are not programme owners or managers are not eligible partners for ERA-NET actions.

In addition, other private legal entities (e.g. charities) which manage research programmes may participate if their participation is well justified and adds value to the overall programme coordination.

Participants are encouraged, as appropriate, to adopt a global approach in their proposals, involving also
non-European research programmes in the activities undertaken by ERA-NET actions.