Efficiency House Plus with Electro-mobility

Eracobuild Network Event in Berlin on 20-21 February 2012

Dear members and friends of the Eracobuild Network,

Here is some additional information on the Eracobuild Network Event. The Berlin Event deals with a very special project of the German RD&D initiative “Zukunft Bau” (Future Building). The “Efficiency House Plus with Electromobility” transcends the building’s own limitation of immobility, through energy sharing with a mobile personal vehicle.

Since the idea’s conception in Spring 2010, a team of experts has been busy working on the project.  In part, it deals with the needs of an average family (2 parents plus 2 children) but it also gives a future vision for living and transport using renewable energy sources.

The “Efficiency House Plus with Electromobility” is a single family house and, above all, is an example of building research, development and demonstration.  As the building itself was finished only a few weeks ago on 7th December and opened to the public by Minister Dr Peter Ramsauer and Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel, the monitoring phase is being prepared currently.

More than 5,000 people have visited the house to date.  Shortly before the family moves in, there is a short time remaining to get a personal view of the inside of the house. In addition, we would especially like to give you a feel for the necessary steps and processes to initiate and perform the project.

We hope to share knowledge and discuss the latest European energy plus/electro-mobility research and development in the built environment field, and to propose and explore initial ideas for potential future collaborative international activities/projects/programmes.

We feel that the intricate detail of the Berlin project really needs to be experienced. That is why we are proud to be the hosts of this challenging Eracobuild Event and hope many of you will join and also make a contribution.

See you in Berlin!

Best Regards from the

Team of BBR
(Dr. Michael Brüggemann, Steffen Kisseler, Miriam Hohfeld)
plus the Future of Eracobuild Team